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Asiatic Jasmine

(Trachelospermum Asiaticum)

Asiatic jasmine is an evergreen, vine-like woody plant that is commonly used in Florida landscapes due to its hardiness and drought tolerance. Native to Japan and Korea, Trachelospermum asiaticum is a low maintenance groundcover that is great for mass plantings and turf grass alternatives.  There are many varieties that allow for plantings in high and low sun areas.







Blue Daze
(Evolvulus glomeratus)

The Blue Daze manageable growth rate and easy-to-grow habit make it second to none. The Blue Daze can thrive nearly anywhere, from coastal areas to containers. And it even impresses as a flowery groundcover in growing zones 9-11 to add eye-catching flair to bare corners of your landscape.

Blue Rug Juniper
(Juniperus horizontalis)

The common name of Blue Rug ground cover is also creeping juniper. It grows in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun. Adapts to a wide range of soils, but prefers a dryish, sandy soil. Tolerates hot, relatively dry growing conditions, somewhat poor soils and many city air pollutants. Intolerant of wet soils. This variety height is .25 to .50 feet.

Juniperus horizontalis 'Pancake' is perfect if you're looking for a very low growing cultivar. It rarely grows above three inches tall. Its color is a rich, deep green. Juniperus horizontalis 'Lime Glow' is an unusual yellow-green in color.

(Dichondra micrantha)

Dichondra (lawn-leaf) is a perennial, herbaceous plant used as ground cover in landscaping. It belongs to the morning glory family and is best known for its evergreen kidney-shaped leaves. Most landscapers prefer this plant due to its fast-growing and creeping characteristics. Despite the season, the Dichondra plant will spread and cover your yard with beautiful, luscious green leaves. When this plant enters the blooming stage, it produces white or greenish-white flowers. Dichondra thrives in warm and cool temperate regions. It can grow in full sun and survive frost in winter. As an all-season plant, it will provide a well-manicured ground cover you can rely on all year round.

Flax Lily

(Dianella tasmanica) 'Silver Streak'

Handsome, strap-like, green and white-striped leaves that will brighten up garden beds and borders. The neat, clumping habit is ideal for massing as a groundcover. Delicate sprays of pale blue-violet flowers appear above the foliage in mid-spring; bright blue berries follow in summer. Evergreen in mild winter climates. It grows in full sun or partial shade and after establishment only requires irrigation when dry. It blooms in the spring and quickly reaches 18 to 24 inches in height.

Japanese Holly Fern

(Cyrtomium falcatum)

Popular for its hardiness and handsome foliage, this fern makes an excellent groundcover or border edging in shaded locations. The stiff, glossy, dark green fronds of holly-like leaflets with coarsely fringed margins add excellent texture to container plantings. Evergreen in mild winter regions. It grows in full shade or partial shade. After establishment it only requires water when soil is dry to the touch. Forms vase-shaped clump 18 to 24 in. tall, 24 to 36 inch wide.   

Lily of the Nile
(Agapanthus africanus)

These are year round beauties for their strappy leaves in a glossy deep green. And the spring flowers that pop up in a balled cluster add a lovely and unusual touch of blue to the garden. This is a versatile plant - it can be used as an accent, border, foundation plant beneath low windows, even a groundcover.

Especially striking when grown en masse, the blossoms open to magically transform a landscape. Sometimes called African Lily, this plant works in a tropical setting or formal landscape...or creating a cottage garden or English garden look. It takes full sun in the northern part of the state but in South Florida, part sun to part shade is ideal. This hardy plant is low maintenance and doesn't need (or like) to be fussed over. Sometimes these plants are inexplicably reluctant to flower. One remedy is to keep them planted close together...they seem to bloom more when they're crowded.

(Liriope muscati)

Liriope muscati is large, clumping grass like perennial thatís traditionally been popular as a groundcover, due to its quick growth habit and spikes of light purple blooms. It is also known as big blue lily turf, border grass, monkey grass or lily turf. Though not actually spreading by underground stems, an individual plant after several years can reach 24 inches in width by suckering at the base and will quickly cover an open area. Because of this spreading growth habit the University of Florida has listed this as a high risk of invasiveness. Liriope plants make tough, drought-tolerant ground covers. Even though liriope looks like grass, it's an herbaceous flowering perennial plant in the asparagus family. It is often used as a ground cover to prevent erosion, serve as an edging plant, or help with weed control.




Perennial Peanut
(Arachis glabrata)

Florida's hot summers and sandy soils can pose a challenge for some plants, but not this tough plant. Perennial peanut is a versatile groundcover that can be planted statewide and blooms all summer long with cheerful golden flowers. It can be planted on its own as a groundcover in larger beds or used as a lawn alternative in areas that receive low foot traffic.

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