Planet First Consulting, LLC.

  Dianne J. Bergemann

  1156 Tall Oaks Rd.

  Deland, FL. 32720-1225

  Tel. (954) 691-8754

  E-Mail: [email protected]


Why choose Planet First Consulting LLC?

  1. First we care about the environment. 

  2. Second, we are not conflicted nor affiliated with contractors or management companies.

  3. Third and of great importance is our knowledge, background and experience in Florida.


Do you have an expert who is able to evaluate the maintenance being done and the cost being billed and who will protect the Association?


A landscape, which is a living and viable entity is not something that is installed and then left alone to grow.  A landscape is a growing entity that is always evolving in appearance and value.  With professional care the appearance and value will be enhanced. With poor specifications and unqualified maintenance/abuse, the landscape suffers and questions of liability for damages and costs of renovations cause much anxiety and stress for all involved parties.

Thousands of dollars are expended to secure proper and professional maintenance of the community’s landscaping investment and without question this maintenance should be performed by qualified companies and workers who follow the standards and practices recognized by not only the industry but by the professional institutions that educate the industry to these standards.


Our specifications strive to meet the professional expectations and to eliminate or alleviate any questions of what work items are included in the maintenance agreement or judgments as to work performance.

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